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Have you wanted to learn how to take your digital marketing programs to the next level? 

You probably have questions about how to get started, and where to invest your time an money on resources. I would suggest starting at the beginning and learning the ABCs of Social Media Marketing

Small businesses can’t afford to ignore social media. Having a presence on sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter can promote your goods or services, build brand awareness, serve customers, and find leads. Despite your goals, my program teaches you what it takes to be successful in social media marketing.  You will learn how to make an action plan that outlines your goals and strategy, and you will discover best practices about what content to publish and the tools you need to measure the success of your efforts.

Personally, I have seen so many business people struggle with social media. The ever changing nature of this marketing medium is challenging.

There is much to consider and believe me, the struggles are the same for large companies as well as smaller entities.

I have written a book and have created an online course to help you learn what it takes to be successful.

I you are still reading this, then I know you want to invest the time to update your skills. I teach people how to create content and how businesses can use social media to help reach their goals.  I show you how to manage social media for your company by looking at the ABCs – analytics, branding, and content.

The ideal audience that will benefit from the ABCs of Social Media are business owners, employees, or consultants. This program is going to fast-track your efforts so you can make informed decisions about social media marketing. Regardless of where you are on the social media journey, I have some good news for you. It’s never too late to get started, and it’s always a good idea to update your skills to remain on top of your game.

My goal is to show you everything you need to know to gain an upper-hand on the dynamic and changing word or social media marketing.

You will learn how to craft a social media strategy that focuses on your organization’s leading goals. Plus, I cover how to work with preferred social channels, how to drive results with paid ads, and how to analyze data for goal tracking. The ABCs of Social Media Marketing prepares you to market your product or services. You will craft a winning social media strategy that includes a brand kit, style guide, project plan, scheduling calendars, and budgets.

This program is a collection of best practices that I have developed working with entrepreneurs and businesses as a digital marketing consultant and social media director. Learning how to harness the power of social media benefits business professionals who want to build brand awareness, generate leads, increase sales, and provide customer service. This up-to-date guide addresses specific job duties for today’s social media manager. The information contained in this guide includes everything you need to know.

The ABCs of Social Media assists you in creating a winning strategy that helps you stand out from the crowd. If you want to get information about the program or my book, then fill out the box below.

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My expertise in social media comes from a background in the theoretical application of social networking as it pertains to communities of people, and from practical experience. As an early adopter of social media, I have grown an audience and helped countless brands leverage the power of the medium to connect with their audience, build brand recognition and to generate leads.

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