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Content marketing training and support for today’s busy professionals. Build a custom strategy and execute a plan to reach your goals. 

About Me

I innovate digital marketing programs for busy entrepreneurs who what to get the tools to make practical work plans and develop processes to drive leads and sales with content for digital and social media marketing. 


I am a business marketing consultant, mentor and coach who helps you build systems. 


I specialize in helping businesses plan and implement strategic online marketing campaigns. 


I look for ways to improve content for web, print, video, and training programs. Some of my projects are listed on LinkedIn.  

Need advice?

Feeling overwhelmed are you? Well, I am just an email  away. Let’s connect so that you can get back on track and start to get results. 

Content Marketing Courses

My Content Marketing Academy courses are available so you can learn how to grow your business with quality content that tells your brand story, generates leads, and services your target audience.

Why not get started now?

It’s time to take control of your content marketing strategy. Learn to tell your brand story online via social media, on your website, corporate communications, videos, and so much more. It all starts with the plan, and if you don’t have one, then now is the time to start. 


“Carrie is an amazing asset to any business. Her expertise of digital media is second to none.”

Maria Abolfathi, Luxury Sales - Golden Group Realty

My story

Relax. I have your back! I have been a content marketer for over 12 years and a technical trainer for over 20 years.  I know you can learn what it takes to get your content marketing strategy up and running in no time. I have worked with thousands of professionals spanning numerous industries like tech, education, real estate, travel, retail, architecture, hospitality, entertainment, finance, healthcare, medicine, law, and media. I want you to be successful, and in my experience, that means creating a documented content strategy so you can take control of your online marketing activities. 

I am an innovative, detail-oriented digital marketing professional with a demonstrated track record of superior performance. I am a storyteller who is also a professional writer that specializes in creating content with high SEO and lead magnet potential. I design and develop effective learning and performance solutions by using a variety of development tools and templates to design effective layouts, construct creative training activities and I build prototypes for eLearning, instructor-led and self-directed training solutions.Focused on the ABCs – Analytics, Branding, and Content. Experienced storyteller and trainer.


Let me help you setup your content marketing strategy the right way

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